Many people live with fragile and discolored nails but never seek the advice of their general practitioner. Nail fungal infections are a common problem that affects the health and appearance of nails, causing embarrassment and sometimes the loss of its plate. The treatment of this condition is often time consuming and requires diligence, yet ZetaClear can eliminate it efficiently and restore the health of nails in a natural way.

What is onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis – the medical term for nail fungal infection – is a contagious health problem that affects both fingernails and toenails. This progressive condition attacks first the nail bed and, as it aggravates, it will reach to the nail plate. Although it is often considered a superficial disease, a fungal infection can lead to more serious complications, such as gangrene and foot ulcers.

Men and particularly elder people are more susceptible to contract onychomycosis. However, women are more affected, as their appearance has to suffer and their self-esteem becomes low. Living with brittle, discolored and thickened nails will be a nightmare and they will do anything to hide their condition with nail polish or various other subterfuges.

Certain factors increase the risk of developing nail fungus. Nail trauma, increasing age, male gender, poor peripheral circulation, immunosuppression, diabetes and genetic susceptibility are only some of them. Statistics are alarming: approximately 5% of general population suffers from it and 20% of people over 60 will develop a fungal infection. As people grow older, their chances of getting onychomycosis increase. However, regardless the age of the sufferer, ZetaClear will successfully treat fungal infection and assist in keeping the embarrassing symptoms under control.

What is ZetaClear?

Whether you must hit the beach on vacation or you are tired of constantly hiding your brittle nails, ZetaClear will help you to cure onychomycosis naturally. This powerful treatment for fungal infections is formulated with 100% natural ingredients that work synergistically to kill fungus and replenish the health of nails. After a couple of weeks of diligently using ZetaClear, the severity of the symptoms will be reduced and nails will already look better.

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Fungal infections are often recurrent. With this information in mind, an experienced team of doctors and scientists aimed to produce a treatment that will efficiently eliminate fungi and spores in a natural way and without causing side effects. After months of thorough research they produced ZetaClear, this powerful combination of homeopathic spray and topical solution that will fight against onychomycosis both internally and externally.

What are the causes and symptoms of nail fungal infection?

This health problem appears because of several types of fungi: yeasts (Candida Albicans), dermatophyte fungi (Tinea Unguium) and non-dermatophyte fungi (molds). The symptoms will manifest depending on the primary cause of onychomycosis. However, there are 3 types of nail fungal infection: white superficial onychomycosis (manifesting with white spots on the surface), proximal subungual onychomycosis (it appears in patients with reduced immune system and it attacks the nail bed) and distal subungual onychomycosis (when the progression of the disease is distal to proximal).

The majority of patients will request the assistance of their general practitioner only when it will be too late and onychomycosis has already reached to nail plate. In fact, the infection does not cause any noticeable symptoms at first. Several days after fungi entered the body, nails will become discolored, with tints of green, yellow, black or white. The shape and texture will alter, the plates will become very fragile and pieces will frequently exfoliate.

When fungal infection attacks toenails, it may lead to discomfort and even pain when walking or running. The nails affected will be so distorted, that trimming them will be difficult – so you will have to carefully file them. In addition to this, the file and clippers used to trim the nails infected will have to be disinfected before using them on healthy ones.

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How can ZetaClear help you?

The unaesthetic appearance of nails often leads to reduced self-esteem, shyness and embarrassment. The sufferer becomes desperate to find a cure and spends a fortune on various products and medicines that claim to heal nail fungus forever, but which provide only temporary relief. But with ZetaClear you can forget of all those trials and errors as it addresses to onychomycosis from inside and outside as well.

ZetaClear oral homeopathic spray strengthens the immune system and provides the nutrients required to reduce the inflammation and soothe the pain associated with this problem. On the other hand, the topical solution will be applied directly on the area affected, attack the fungal infection and restore the health of nails. With this powerful treatment the symptoms of onychomycosis will be maintained under control and the sufferer will regain the appearance of the shiny and beautiful nails.

This nails recovery system can help you because it was formulated with respect to homeopathy. ZetaClear consists of natural homeopathic ingredients that work on the principle that like cures like. In other words, an ingredient that causes hives in healthy people can cure this condition when used on patients who already suffer from it. More than 200 years of practice and experience recommend homeopathy, so no wonder why people adhere to this system of natural health.

ZetaClear ingredients

Fungal infections are some of the most stubborn health problems. Apart from being hard to eliminate and contagious, they also tend to reappear in certain conditions. Yet ZetaClear ingredients were carefully selected among the best of nature. The homeopathic spray is formulated with compounds that fortify the system and the topical solution’s ingredients will cure fungal infection and improve the texture and health of nail’s parts.

Here is how to use ZetaClear: the topical solution must be applied on the clean fingernails and toenails, on a daily basis. This product has a special applicator, thus using ZetaClear will be as easy as applying nail polish. The homeopathic spray must be administered twice under the tongue, for three times per day. This will ensure the absorption of the ingredients directly in the blood system hence the positive effects will be noticed soon.

These are the compounds included in ZetaClear homeopathic spray:

  • Arsenicum Album 200C – it is beneficial for various health problems. It relieves itching, diminishes swellings and alleviates symptoms of different infections. In addition to this, it strengthens the immune system and supports the body to fight against nail fungus.
  • Thuja Occidentalis 200C – it has expectorant, diuretic, astringent, stimulant, anti-rheumatic and vermifuge effects, thus it is widely included in various homeopathic medicines. This compound detoxifies the body, stimulates the blood circulation below the skin and improves the assimilation of ZetaClear ingredients so the effects will appear as soon as possible.
  • Antimonium Crudum 200C – is frequently included in homeopathic concoctions for skin and nail conditions. This powerful remedy will repair issues such as warts, calluses, athlete’s foot, onychomycosis and extremely dry skin. Antimonium Crudum will restore the health and beautiful appearance of skin and nails. Furthermore, it showed positive results in treating toothaches, alleviating digestive disorders and reducing the discomfort caused by gout.
  • Sulphur 12X – this mineral is essential for life and our overall well-being. Consumed as ZetaClear, this ingredient will reduce pain, heal scars, enhance the health of skin and fight against onychomychosis. Toxins will be eliminated from the body, acne will be relieved and the consumers’ appearance will be improved efficiently.
  • Nitricum Acidum 30C – it treats the discoloration of nails, kills the fungus and prevents it from multiplying under the tips of your fingers. This compound will heal broken or cracked skin, eliminate warts, heal fissures and diminish inflammations.
  • Mancinella 30C – this compound is extracted from the manchineel tree, which is actually one of the most dangerous trees in the world. All parts of this tree are poisonous and some of the toxins are not even identified. But the dilution obtained – Mancinella 30C – will soothe skin irritation, treat digestive problems and improve the overall health of the body. Used together with the other ZetaClear ingredients, it will get to the root cause of nail fungus and eliminate it from the system.

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ZetaClear natural compounds

The proprietary blend included in the formula of ZetaClear topical solution is formulated with these compounds:

  • Clove Oil – is popular for boosting energy, eliminating acne, improving blood circulation and reducing the re-occurrence of fungus and mold. Chinese healers have recommended it for over 2,000 years because it reverses inflammations, heals gum disease and kills internal parasites. Candida Albicans is eliminated, infections are relieved and skin and nails will look considerably better.
  • Tea Tree Oil– is one of the most powerful natural anti-fungal ingredients. This compound is heavily used in pharmaceutical formulations that eliminate onychomycosis naturally. Several scientific studies proved that this compound extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia tree is just as efficient as the chemical drug clotrimazole. Yet unlike the prescribed drug, Tea Tree Oil is 100% safe for patients.
  • Lavender Oil – has numerous healing properties. Apart from improving sleep quality, relaxing the body and removing the effects of stress, Lavender Oil is a great remedy with anti-fungal, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Nail fungus is successfully killed within weeks of treatment. Use together with other essential oils, this ingredient will manage to prevent the re-occurrence of onychomycosis.
  • Undecylenic Acid – extracted from Castor Oil, this compound has the ability to inhibit the growth of fungus and restore the health of nails after only several days of use. Athlete’s foot, ringworm and jock itch are other skin infections that will be alleviated with Undecylenic Acid, which can be used both internally and externally.
  • Jojoba Oil – is famous for improving the health and appearance of skin, nails and hair. It reduces the signs of aging, hydrates skin and removes the signs of onychomycosis. Used along Almond Oil and Vitamin E Oil, it will replenish the health of plate and bed. Nails will be fortified and they will shine healthily again.
  • Almond Oil – stimulates the growing of hair, accelerates the nail growth rate and gives a lustrous look to these tissues. Because it contains Vitamins A, B and E, this compound nourishes the body, rejuvenates skin and removes impurities so other ZetaClear ingredients will be properly absorbed into the tissues affected.
  • Lemongrass Oil – when applied together with a gentle massage, this ingredient kills fungus and spores and safely eliminates the infection’s symptoms. Nails might become brownish where it used to be a discoloration, but it is a sign that tissues are healing.
  • Vitamin E Oil – encourages hair and nail growth, while it also improves blood circulation and removes any discolorations. If your nails are brittle, yellowish and thickened, Vitamin E is your best friend.

ZetaClear side effects

The ingredients included in the homeopathic spray and topical solution were carefully selected among the best of nature. This highly potent treatment for onychomychosis will not cause any negative side effects if used as recommended. Nail discolorations will disappear, the health of these tissues will be improved and they will be fortified as well.

On the other hand, prescribed medicines for nail fungal infection were linked to countless adverse effects. Nizoral, Clotrimazole, Itraconazole, Terbinafine and Fluconazole often cause liver problems, muscle pain, mood changes, fever, dry mouth, hives and irregular heartbeat, among many others. Before and after ZetaClear.

Living with brittle, crumby and yellowish nails can ruin your reputation and self-esteem. Socializing will be a nightmare and exposing your unaesthetic toenails at the beach is a definite no-no. Patients affected by nail fungus are aware that fungal infections often re-occur when immunity is low and the peripheral circulation is diminished, but ZetaClear was developed to treat this problem and prevent its further appearance.

After starting treatment with ZetaClear, this unpleasant problem will be left behind. Fungal spores will be killed, the white and yellow spots will disappear, nails will become stronger and they will also regain the luster. Although the treatment can last up to several months – the product has to be used even after the disappearance of symptoms – onychomychosis will be 100% cured after ZetaClear.

ZetaClear store

Patients who want to improve the quality of their life with this powerful treatment should purchase it from ZetaClear store, which will be found on the official website. Apart from the fact that you will manage to avoid the potentially harmful copycats, you will also get your product from the official distributor. You will receive a 90 days money-back guarantee and if you are not happy with the results achieved, you will get a refund.

Although you can also find antifungal medicines and pharmaceutical preparations in numerous traditional stores, Amazon and even Walmart, not all these products deliver the results expected. Some of them might alleviate symptoms temporarily, but they can also cause side effects. In addition to this, you are less likely to benefit of a 3 months money-back guarantee. When you get tired of so many trials and errors, enter ZetaClear store and purchase your antifungal treatment.

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Consumer reviews

Thousands of consumers have already purchased this nail fungal treatment and more than 90% were satisfied with the results achieved. The topical solution will offer soon relief to the unpleasant symptoms. The discomfort will be reduced, nails will grow stronger and their shine will reflect their health. Yet according to numerous consumer reviews, healing takes time and you have to use ZetaClear diligently and patiently until the positive effects will manifest.

Why should you use ZetaClear?

Onychomychosis is extremely contagious. Whether you have a reduced immune system, you walk barefoot in public places or your feet are frequently in moist and warm temperatures, getting a fungal infection is very easy. You probably offer it proper conditions to thrive without even knowing it. Maybe you have a good hygiene, but you wear improper shoes. However, ZetaClear will eliminate this embarrassing problem and you will soon get rid of any symptoms of onychomycosis.

You can contract the disease in a manicure cabinet and even because of an injury near nails. The harmful organism will enter your system, but a powerful immune response can keep it under control. ZetaClear will be your ally, as it will strengthen your immune system, improve your overall well-being and assist you to deal with fungus before developing into infection.

Order your supply from ZetaClear store, on the official website, and make sure you will naturally eliminate onychomychosis. It will arrive with full instructions how to use the products, but you should also improve your hygiene habits and ensure that you will prevent the re-occurrence of fungal infection.

Use gloves when you use harsh chemicals and avoid walking barefoot in public rooms such as gym, showers and even pools. Trim your nails with sharp clippers and disinfect it before and after each use. Do not file your nails with metal files and avoid using the tip of your fingers as tools – it will lead to breakage and injuries that will be an open door to fungus and bacteria.

Buy ZetaClear to treat onychomychosis and the embarrassing symptoms will be eliminated within several weeks. Regain your self-esteem with ZetaClear, this highly potent treatment that will assist you to recover the health and beautiful appearance of your nails!