ZetaClear ingredients

Suffering from nail fungus (onychomycosis) means that you have to hide your hands and feet at all times and hope that the people around you cannot detect the foul smell emanating from your infected extremities.

Recent surveys have revealed that over 85% of the people affected by fungal infections on their nails treat this condition as they would have a common cold and hope that it will heal on its own in short time. Naivety and bad hygiene lead to the unfortunate case where the diseased nails are removed and never to be grown again. As it is contagious, the estimated number of 10% representing the adult population affected by this ailment is bound to rise rapidly unless a proper treatment is used to remove nail fungus for good. ZetaClear is a clinically tested remedy that has proven to be completely safe and efficient in treating onychomycosis in record time and without any type of side effects.

There are many products advertised both online and on TV that promise you a swift recovery from nail infections. However, what the promoters don’t want you to know is that these medications are only short-time solutions developed just to bleach your nails and maybe get rid of the rash for a few days. Without a proper combination of natural elements it is virtually impossible to eliminate fungal spores completely. This is where ZetaClear shows its different and higher qualities as a perfect cure for nail fungus, with its unique formula of oils and homeopathic substances. Here is a full list of all the ingredients that will restore the health of your nails after just a few weeks of treatment:

Vitamin E Oil

ZetaClear comes in the form of two products, an oral spray and a topical solution, which complement each other in successfully treating nail fungal infections. Even though they have a few different ingredients between them, Vitamin E Oil is one that is present in both and provides the body with a high dose of antioxidants. The antifungal properties of this substance have proven to be so effective that doctors recommend taking the treatment a few weeks more after the healing is completed just to avoid the corruption from resurfacing and attacking the newly-formed cells.

Clove Oil

This is a highly-effective antiseptic substance that is produced from the clove plant through natural extraction. Until just a few years ago, this solution was only used in dentistry to prevent infections from erupting due to dental cavities. However, after being studied intensely for over a decade, doctors have proved that Clove Oil is an efficient remedy against nail fungus, which is why they have included it as a main component of ZetaClear. By using this product on a daily basis you can witness a rapid alleviation of your condition in less than a month’s time, and this is partly due to the oil extracted from cloves.

Jojoba Oil

If we told you that Simmondsia chinensis cures onychomycosis, you would probably have a hard time repeating that to your pharmacist, but if we say to you in common more terms that Jojoba Oil treats the advancing fungus on your nail then you would know exactly what to look for. This substance is extracted from a plant originated in North America, which has been used for millennia by the natives to cure infections and skin eruptions. In order to repair the damaged skin around your infected nails you need a healthy dose of Jojoba Oil and ZetaClear is the only treatment on the market to contain such a high quantity of this anti-inflammatory extract.

Tea Tree Oil

This is one of the nature’s best remedies against parasite infections that affect many people across the world. For almost a century since its first extraction from an Australian-native shrub, this substance has been extensively researched and later added to several health treatments. Its inclusion in ZetaClear is not a surprise, as this product has been developed using only the most efficient natural ingredients known to man. The chemical composition of Tea Tree Oil and its combination with other homeopathic elements create a powerful cure against nail fungus.

Almond Oil

Contrary to general opinion, curing onychomycosis does not imply only the full restoration of a nail’s color and health. This process should also ensure that your overall well-being is maintained through the whole duration of the treatment. This is why ZetaClear contains a healthy amount of Almond Oil, a natural extract that does wonders for your skin, hair and nails while nourishing your body with strong nutrients at the same time. Its combination of vitamin E, potassium, zinc and proteins is a proven remedy against viruses and a booster for your metabolism.

Undecylenic Acid

This is an FDA- approved natural compound that is used in many medical treatments, hygiene products and even cosmetics. It is obtained from castor oil and it contains a strong dose of unsaturated fatty acids that relieve the itching and burning sensations brought on by fungal spores. It is for this reason that its presence in ZetaClear was a natural and logical decision by the doctors who developed it.

Lemon Grass

This herb is widely known for its culinary use. However, recent studies have shown that this is one of the most powerful plants known to provide the antiseptic properties needed to fight off fungal infections. ZetaClear has this ingredient present in both the oral spray and the topical solution to help the autoimmune system recover faster even if the fungus has already extended its corruption on most part of the nail.

Homeopathic ingredients

When onychomycosis patients exchange their ineffective nail fungus treatments for ZetaClear they go from a rudimental medication to a fully productive remedy that boasts a wide range of oils, nutrients and homeopathic ingredients. The latter are combined in a unique blend that is sure to save you from fungal infections in record time. Among them you will find Mancinella 30C, Suplhur 12XS, Thuja Occidentalis 200C, Antimonium Curdum 200C, Nitricum Acidum 30C and Arsenicum Album 200C. These are all natural compounds that have been used in traditional medicine since the dawn of time and have been included in modern treatments as well.