OTC Medication for fungal nail infection

Onychomycosis has been a recurrent nightmare for thousands of generations in human history. If left untreated, this medical condition forces patients to lose their nails indefinitely. Fortunately, if it is properly diagnosed in its early stages, nail infection can be treated with natural remedies, or to some minor extent, with over-the-counter (OTC) medication.

ZetaClear is a natural cure for fungal nail infection

As human beings, we tend to be very narcissistic when it comes to our body. We cherish every part of it and fear the thought of having to lose a feature that will damage our appearance and our self-esteem. This is our nature and it is only logical that we use natural remedies to provide it with proper healing solutions that do not infuse us with synthetic chemicals or toxins. ZetaClear is an all-natural product that prevents nails from falling off after being infected with fungal spores. Its composition of oil extracts and vitamin E cure the corrupted tissue in just a few weeks, leaving you with the satisfaction of having healthy, shiny nails again.

The ZetaClear patch includes two products. One is a homeopathic spray and the other is a powerful topical solution. The first one is composed of natural extracts from herbs and fruits that are rich in antiseptic and metabolism booster properties. As opposed to OTC medication, this product will not intoxicate your body with chemical substances. The topical solution contains a wide range of plant oils that form a strong anti-inflammatory substance used to permanently clear nail fungus. The difference between this product and non-prescription treatments is that it does not have any damaging consequences.

What are the side effects of OTC medication?

To avoid hefty medical bills and doctor appointments, many people choose to take OTC medication to get rid of onychomycosis. By doing so, they expose themselves to a string of dangerous repercussions for their health. Some of the most common side effects caused by this type of medicine include strong abdominal pain, headaches and annoying rashes on different parts of the body. Most sufferers continue this ineffective and lengthy treatment without knowing that there is a safer and faster way to cure their nail fungus. ZetaClear can eliminate fungi spores in record time and provides a painless experience for the patient. Its ingredients have been sourced from natural elements that soothe the burning sensation and restore the nails their initial health and color in less than three weeks.

A recurring side effect of OTC medication is indigestion. Over 80% of consumers have experienced severe diarrhea, flatulence and appetite loss. As a result, the patients suffer from additional fear of social contact, due to their unpredictable digestion problems, and from an unhealthy weight loss. A better solution to cure fungal infections is ZetaClear. This product has been the subject of many years of clinical tests that resulted in positive results. So far, no side effects have been witnessed by any of the thousands of clients who have managed to cure nail fungus permanently.