Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was developed to answer all your questions regarding the personal data, and how we respect your privacy. Please read it carefully before visiting the web page. We might update it at any time, to reflect the changes of our visitors and meet the current legal requirements.

The type of data we might collect

All the personal information we might collect is provided voluntarily by our visitors. The owners of do not force the users to offer any data. Like any other web pages, this one uses cookies to store data and inspect information such as website performance, visitors analyses, online advertising, and geotargeting. Due to these cookies, we will determine the number of ad views, the visitors, and how often is this website visited.

Your privacy, our priority might require some of our personal information, including the name, address, email address, and phone number. This data will not be shared, transmitted, or disclosed. The only goal is to provide better user experience in the future and optimize the business relationship.

Your privacy is paramount; we will never sell, trade or lease the data collected. The ZetaClear Product website follows a strict anti-spam policy. We do not track your general browsing behavior, we do not have discretionary access to your credit card, and we will never spam you.

Accept our terms and policy

We do not sell any products. The information included in this website is for educational purposes only. You can change the browsing settings at any time and disable or refuse the cookies. It means that the advertising publishers will have to act in conformity to your preferences, and they will not consider your browsing behavior.

This privacy policy might be changed, updated or suspended at any moment, without prior warning. If you have any questions regarding your privacy, please leave us a message and use the contact form.