Top 5 natural remedies for onychomychosis

Nobody wants to lose their nails to fungal infections, but few realize just how important it is to keep them healthy, clean and free of fungus. Thankfully, there are a few natural remedies that treat nail infection from its early stages and here are the best of them:

ZetaClear tops the favorite list for nail fungus patients

For centuries people have struggled to get rid of onychomycosis, a disease that causes nails to change their color, become brittle and even fall off, leaving a porous, inflamed wound instead. After years of clinical tests, a group of esteemed doctors have managed to combine the advents of modern medicine with traditional natural remedies to create ZetaClear, a successful treatment against nail fungus that is composed of natural extracts from herbs, plants and fruits only. Over 95% of the patients suffering from fungal inflammations have deemed this product as the no.1 choice in treating onychomychosis to their nails in a safe way and without any side effects.

Corn meal alleviates some onychomycosis symptoms

If you suffer from a form of fungal infection to your feet or your hands, you might find a semi-reliable remedy right in your pantry. We are talking about corn flour. While eating polenta with every meal would have no effect whatsoever on your nail corruption, sticking your feet into it might reduce the skin inflammation and relief some of the burning sensation, unless the polenta is steaming hot, of course. However, as opposed to an easy-to-take remedy like ZetaClear, which only requires a few minutes of treatment every day, to get rid of the fungi on your nails with corn meal requires you to have a polenta bath for two hours on a daily basis.

Apple Cider Vinegar slightly covers the smell of nail infections

There are very few dishes where you can add apple cider vinegar to improve their taste. However, you can add this liquid to hot water, salt and honey to create a sweet-n-sour salsa that you can use as a topical solution for your fungal infested nails. The foul smell of the infection will be replaced with that of an Italian restaurant, which might seem as an improvement, too. However, contrary to the remedial action of ZetaClear, which not only eliminates the smell but also the fungus, this thin flavored soup will only work as a perfumed cure for your rash.

Tea Tree Oil kills fungal spores

This is a natural substance extracted from the Australian-native Tea Tree, which has been proven to have powerful antiseptic properties. By applying it to the nails affected by fungus, this oil keeps the spores from spreading and inflicting further damage. You can also find it in ZetaClear, where a large dose of this healthy liquid is combined with other herbal extracts to create a highly-efficient formula against nail infections.

Use coconut oil to fight off fungus

Coconut oil is renowned for its ability to heal damaged skin. You can use this to treat the tissue around the nails infected with fungus. However, to ensure that you completely cure onychomycosis, you have to use ZetaClear, a product that treats both the nail and the surrounding skin with the same care.